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Butthole Surfers, Otto’s Chemical Lounge, Frightwig: Live At The VFW#18 in KC, MO Oct 31, 1984

December 17th, 2008 3 comments

Note: Originally posted on Scar Stuff, 4/1/06

Captured by my portable tape recorder in 1984 was one of my favorite Halloween nights to date: Frightwig out of San Francisco, Otto’s Chemical Lounge from Minneapolis, and Austin Texas’s own Butthole Surfers, right in the thick of their double drummer strobelight heyday (while Lawrence, KS champs the Mortal Micronotz are on one of the flyers shown below, sadly they didn’t play).

There was already a weird vibe all evening with tons of cool costumes (my favorite being the guy who went as “Lou Reed in a Fishtank” — he’d photocopied the cover of “Transformer” & built an aquarium-like apparatus around his head complete with dangling fish) and a sudden torrential rainstorm outside which effectively pinned the crowd inside all night. I didn’t know Frightwig going in but they came up to me beforehand and fingered my mail-order KISS Army jacket (yeah, I was going as “a KISS fan” — I swear this seemed a lot more novel 22 years ago) and once they started playing they easily won my 15 year old Flipper-fanatic heart. Next up Otto’s Chemical Lounge pulled out a cover-heavy set full of Bluesy/ Bar-Bandish Acid Rock that went right over almost all of my (heavily Punk informed) cultural reference points at the time, and finally after some back and forth between the “Group Productions” promoters (Keith Patterson & Eric Schindling) and the local vice squad, the Butthole Surfers hit the stage. I didn’t really know what to expect since only the “Brown Reason To Live” EP & the “PCPPEP” followup (which was almost all the same songs) had been released at this point, but I kinda doubt I would have been fully prepared no matter what. Gibby came out with 100 clothespins in his hair and rat-traps on his nipples while pushing a shopping cart full of paper and the megaphone he would later grab to sing the opener “Cherub” through. Teresa and King stood behind their drums with a constant strobe shooting up from below, and the rest of the band looked to me like they’d been living in a psychedelic garbage can or something. Just a crazy visual mess (by the end Gibby was nakedly twirling about as the rolls of toilet paper he’d covered himself in throughout the show had fully unraveled) that was equally matched by the music; though I’m not sure if you’ll really be able to tell from this low-fi recording or not. Still these performances have never been shared (and I know how obsessive some of those Butthole Surfers fans get), so enjoy!

Boy, what a great night. I couldn’t hear for the next 3 days.

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Frightwig “Live At The VFW#18 in KC, MO Oct 31, 1984” (192 kbps)
01 Intro (2:47)
02 Haunted House of Love (5:57)
03 My Crotch Does Not Say ‘Go’ (4:34)
04 Only You (2:09)
05 I Got Lost (4:50)
06 Men Of Good Fortune (Lou Reed) (6:24)
07 The Wanque Off Song (4:42)
08 Hot Papa/She (Kiss) (3:04)
09 Something’s Gotta Change (4:07)
10 A Man’s Got To Do What A Man’s Got To Do (6:13)
11 I’ll Talk To You And Smile (Incomplete) (2:30)

Otto’s Chemical Lounge “Live At The VFW#18 in KC, MO Oct 31, 1984” (192 kbps)
01 Fire (Hendrix) (2:45)
02 Announcement From Eric (0:34)
03 Track 03 (1:40)
04 Duquette Stomp (2:58)
05 Me And My Mind (2:33)
06 She’s Got Everything (Kinks) (2:09)
07 Roadhouse Blues (Doors) (3:33)
08 I’m Otto Your Mind (2:30)
09 Parchment Farm (Blue Cheer) (5:38)
10 Spillout (3:27)
11 Shakin’ All Over (Mills) (3:05)
12 Gloria (Them) (5:23)
13 Slow Death (Flamin’ Groovies) (3:07)

Butthole Surfers “Live At The VFW#18 in KC, MO Oct 31, 1984” (192 kbps)
01 Cherub (4:51)
02 Too Parter (3:52)
03 Tornadoes (2:44)
04 Dum Dum (3:06)
05 Cowboy Bob (2:26)
06 Hey (2:20)
07 Mexican Caravan (2:52)
08 BBQ Pope (3:32)
09 Wichita Cathedral (3:06)
10 The Shaw Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave (3:26)
11 Lady Sniff (3:33)
12 Something (8:02)
13 Encore Clapping (1:18)
14 Butthole Surfer (3:55)
15 Psychedelic Jam (8:17)
16 Mark Say Alright (6:50)
17 Hey (2:38)