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D.R.I.: Live At The O.D. Ranch in KC, MO 06-24-84

December 22nd, 2008 2 comments

You know, I still fucking love early D.R.I. Admittedly they kinda lost me after “Dealing With It”, but there are still plenty of days when I’m in the mood for those first two 7″s (or the first 12″ & the “Violent Pacification” single, or the first CD, or however you wanna look at it). I don’t know if it’s the era, the songs, the crude recording quality, the pre-Metal writing structure, the youthful energy or just the freshness of my own personal exposure to hyper fast noisy Hardcore (maybe only the earliest Gang Green cuts came close), but its hard to top those first few years of total AUGHHHHHHHHH!

This show was held at the “O.D. Ranch” (the Orange Doe-Nuts’ upstairs loft and namesake of their LP “Back at the Ranch” — I seem to recall that they were later evicted after being charged with “partying during office hours” when Tales of Terror played), and for a house party the sound was really pretty good. D.R.I.’s show was right in the middle of a near-solid week of KC gigs (Sluglords: 6/22/84, The Freeze: 6/23/84, Nick Cave: 6/25/84, JFA: 6/26/84, The Faction: 6/29/84), but even in the midst of my live music sensory overload they managed to make a strong impression. The O.D. Ranch certainly was a cool space and this gig was SweatyHotPacked with plenty of energy and some exuberant (but contained) slamming that looked like a tiny ball of elbows if viewed from a vantage. In listening back I can still ID half of the people who joined in on the mic, and right after the band was done I dashed up to snag one of those giant ceiling-to-floor butcher paper setlists, the spoils of this act triumphantly hanging upon my bedroom wall for months. Considering all of the tiny stuff I’ve held on to over time I have no idea how I eventually managed to lose track of something that huge, but I did. Ah well, at least the recording remains.

D.R.I. J Card
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D.R.I.: Live At The O.D. Ranch in KC, MO 06-24-84 (192 kbps)
01 I Don’t Need Society (1:19)
02 Reaganomics (0:34)
03 Commuter Man (0:51)
04 Plastique (0:18)
05 Why? (0:31)
06 Balance Of Terror (0:36)
07 My Fate To Hate (0:22)
08 Who Am I? (0:31)
09 Money Stinks (0:41)
10 Human Waste (0:20)
11 Yes Ma’am (1:34)
12 Denis’ Problems (0:44)
13 Closet Punk (1:07)
14 How To Act (1:00)
15 Taxes Back (0:48)
16 Equal People (0:42)
17 On My Way Home (1:01)
18 The Beginning Of The End (0:50)
19 Bail Out (1:45)
20 Snap (1:06)
21 The Explorer (1:31)
22 Slit My Wrists (0:21)
23 Busted Again (1:28)
24 Stupid Stupid War (0:50)
25 Counter Attack (0:18)
26 I’d Rather Be Sleeping (1:39)
27 Running Around (0:52)
28 Couch Slouch (1:25)
29 To Open Closed Doors (1:05)
30 God Is Broke (1:00)
31 Soup Kitchen (1:58)
32 Sad To Be (1:53)
33 War Crimes (1:28)
34 Busted (0:41)
35 Draft Me (0:23)
36 First Round Draft Choice (0:32)
37 Capitalist Suck (0:30)
38 Madman (0:43)
39 Misery Loves Company (0:36)
40 No Sense (1:27)
41 Blockhead (3:19)
42 Karma (3:13)
43 No People (2:46)
44 Violent Pacification (Incomplete) (0:51)