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Dr. Know: Live At The VFW#18 in KC, MO 10-23-84

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Eric Schindling: (stopping the show) I’m sorry, do you wanna be arrested? There are like two cop cars and a paddywagon at the end of the street, they told the owner of the VFW, the manager of the VFW, if it goes on any longer they’re gonna come back to save time ’cause they’re pissed ’cause they were supposed to be, we were supposed to end it about a half hour, forty five minutes ago.

Soundman: (talking through the stage monitors) Tell them to go riot down the street and not here.

Eric Schindling: Fuckin’… you tell… why don’t you vote in November against Reagan and then we might have a little bit left.

Soundman: (shouting) Go riot down the street!

Eric Schindling: Right now all the high school kids are, you know, agreeing with these pigs outside so why don’t you, you know, go register if you’re eighteen, and register to vote…

Kyle Toucher (Dr Know): Outside after the show, there’s gonna be a big riot. Everybody line up, get your bricks and bottles ready… down the street, not here, down the street. After that there’s gonna be a few gang fights and shootings…

Not having come to Punk Rock by way of 80’s Metal (NWOBHM or otherwise), few of the first wave “Crossover” bands actually did that much for me. An exception however, was definitely Dr. Know. They took far more from my precious Black Sabbath than they did from the then-current Metal scene and I loved Kyle Toucher’s voice/guitar solos. Plus, despite their more common lyrical themes of religious damage, nuclear holocaust and insanity, something like “Fist Fuck” was tailor-made to win my 15-year-old brain over.

So since “Plug In Jesus” was getting such heavy rotation in my bedroom, the fact that (as you can see from the transcription above) this show got stopped early was a real drag. Around that time there were fairly perpetual noise complaints and police hassles plaguing the VFW though, and this night also featured a sparse turnout combined with some out-of-place looking frowny musclebound dude stomping around the dancefloor shouting “Just play the music, and don’t quit!” (this prompted a lyric change from Kyle Toucher during “God Bless America” along the order of “Kill that jock if you love God”, informing the guy afterwards that “I just sang a song about you! Impromptu even. Situational.”).

Still the gig got shut down, and Dr. Know were sent packing after only 25 minutes. So while the bad news is that this was a pretty short set, the good news is that eight months later I got to catch and record a way better gig when they were on tour with RKL (and about to release the “Burn” single). Watch for it, smart guy.

Note: I arrived late and missed (the always excellent) Power of the Spoken Word, but I did manage to tape Blind Idiot God‘s set, which you can check out here.

Dr. Know at The VFW#18 in KC, MO 10-23-84
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Dr. Know: Live At The VFW#18 in KC, MO 10-23-84 (192 kbps)
01 SATC (Agression) (2:27)
02 Mr Freeze (3:20)
03 What To Do (1:42)
04 God Bless America (2:35)
05 Life Returns (4:01)
06 In That House (4:44)
07 Crucified (2:34)
08 Circle Of Fear (3:56)
09 Two Cop Cars And A Paddywagon (1:21)

  1. flitox
    February 24th, 2009 at 11:25 | #1

    what a pity you miss power of the spoken word!!! i’d have love to get something live from those guys!!!

    anyway thanks a lot for the recording

  2. June 25th, 2010 at 18:34 | #2

    I just wanted to say that I saw Dr. Know in an iffy Denver warehouse in 1986. The place was the Fun House in Denver, CO and had been operating barely till that point. When Dr. Know showed up, opening band (Burnt Fase) played all of their songs, but then a bunch of cops barged in during Dr. Know’s set. Officers demanded that the band stop playing, but the band continued on for about 25 minutes total. Then, the police simultaneously cut the electricity and sent a riot squad busting through the big garage door. I saw Kyle Toucher get cuffed on stage, maybe others. Kids were just running everywhere. I was a runaway at the time and it was one of the most punk rock experiences I’ve ever had.

  3. October 18th, 2011 at 03:57 | #3

    Gawd what a sweet walk down memory lane!

  4. July 28th, 2012 at 22:16 | #4

    new god told me to http://youtu.be/kAG7Eihi4Jk

  5. rob clement
    March 6th, 2014 at 06:44 | #5

    I was at the funhouse that night .pigs came busting in and started beating people with night stick right when they came in the door.demanded Dr know off stage said shows over.singer says fuck you these kids paid there 4 dollars to get in were playing.so played a short time longer when a garage door on the side of building started coming up all you could see were blue pants we tryed holding it down but it flung open and the pigs poured in night sticking anyone and.everyone everyone just started running.this has to be the most talked about show from back then.Jill who was a promoter back then has a blog on it.

  6. Hooligan
    March 26th, 2014 at 22:24 | #6

    @rob clement
    I remember that show like it was yesterday

  7. Eric Schindling
    May 21st, 2014 at 23:16 | #7

    THere was no riot!!! There were no garage doors at the VFW! No cops busting heads at the K.C. show I put it on …whio the hell was or is Jill???

  1. January 10th, 2009 at 17:59 | #1