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Well here it is, yet another attempt at creating a centralized dumping ground to house (at least) the various live recordings I made (or in rare instances was given) back in the early to mid 1980’s, along with demos, cassette comps & other tape-based nonsense. I’ve shared a few of these here & there (primarily on ScarStuff.com), but in this site I am looking to be more single-minded, comprehensive, obsessive and fetishistic. At last, right?

So yeah. My plans are to start off by cross posting the older material, and then slowly eke out the rest of what I’ve managed to hold on to over the last quarter century as time permits; combining the audio files with a dose of related ephemera like interviews, reviews & so on. It is my belief that perhaps in this manner I can finally wash my hands of the apparent compact with the future that I unwittingly made at the age of 14 when I decided to document this stuff in the first place. 

Viva la compact!

Sony TC48

Sony TC48

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  1. Pat
    July 5th, 2014 at 04:44 | #1

    Hello there…. Thanks for sharing all of these great recordings! I can’t believe I’ve found a Dead Kennedys live recording that I didn’t already have. I’ve had the Dicks shows from Kansas City for years on cassette and now on CDR but I don’t know if they are your recordings so I am downloading yours too. I did a lot of recording myself at the Jockey Club in Newport KY just over the bridge from Cincinnati in the mid 80s till it closed in 88. Anyway, thanks for putting these out for everyone to enjoy!! You are fantastic!

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